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the far-right religious network attacking reproductive and LGBTQ+ rights — The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (en-GB)

The petition itself has received over 19,000 signatures and has been shared by over 2,000 accounts. It reached a large audience in religious and political Facebook groups in Ghana, being shared on pages with a combined audience of 1 million people.

A group supporting the Church of Pentecost, which had 150,000 members. The church, which began as a British mission, has been identified as one of the bill’s “most prominent supporters” by Signify.

Neither Kioko nor Advocates for Christ Ghana responded to requests for comment.

Western values

According to Kristina Stoeckl, professor of sociology at Innisbrook University and author of a forthcoming book on the Russian religious right, CitizenGo may preach a cohesive set of conservative and hardline Christian values, but its main personalities have motivations. various.

Stoeckl says that for Arsuaga, the Catholic lawyer, CitizenGO was partly a response to the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. Whereas for Brown, she says, WCF and CitizenGO were a continuation of longstanding opposition to LGBTQ+ and reproductive rights by elements of the American Christian right domestically and around the world. “American history is the least surprising because they’ve been doing it since the ’70s,” she said.

The involvement of Russian personalities is more unusual, and perhaps more individualized. “Komov is actually very open about his motivations that he’s looking for, basically for a career as a lobbyist for something,” Stoeckl said. “And then he comes into this whole world of funding Malofeev with it and he carves out a place for himself as the pro-family lobbyist.”

Malofeev, she believes, wants to network globally, in part to pursue his political ambitions and prepare for a post-Putin landscape.

The U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade would only encourage them to exert more pressure on institutions and governments around the world, she added. “I think it will embolden them. Because in a way it shows that the strategy they pursued was successful.