Christian Education

The Decade of God’s Reign | The Guardian Nigeria News

During this decade, the Church in Nigeria, by the grace of God, will advance on all fronts. We focus on all ministries and segments of our church – men, education, finance, welfare and politics, women’s and men’s ministry, children’s and youth ministry.

Every Anglican member is an important player in this movement. We therefore call on everyone to join us in bringing the reign of God to bear on all aspects of the life of our Church, beginning with our homes. Whatever decadence we see in society has its root in the home.

Our discipleship and spiritual education must begin at home. The case of forsaking our parental duty to provide spiritual nourishment for our children to Sunday school teachers and schoolteachers is not the best. Christian education and discipleship must be taken seriously in the home.

We must re-evangelize and engage in intentional discipleship to deepen the faith and maturity of Christlike members. We must take seriously our catechism classes and the preparation of our candidates for confirmation as a platform for discipleship. Evangelism, missions and discipleship are central to the life and ministry of the Church. We will seek to equip the saints by making disciples for the work of ministry in God’s Church.

• Taken from the address at DIVCCON 2021 at the Christian Center, Abuja by the Most Reverend Henry Ndukuba, Primate of All Nigeria by Ven. (Dr.) Princewill O. Ireoba)