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Sydney Academy of Arts is soliciting donations for the Visiting Artists Fund

SIDNEY – Maine Arts Academy is seeking donations to establish a fund to attract visiting artists to its school community.

The academy aims to establish a fund of $5,000 for the 2022-23 school year. Community donations will be used as matching funds to attract additional grants, according to a press release from the academy.

The academy attracts students from approximately 80 communities across the state and offers performing and visual arts classes to students in grades 9 through 12. Students follow specific artistic paths in music, visual arts, theater and dance. The pathways are designed to take students from a beginner or fundamental level to an advanced level, as preparation for further studies in the college programs of their choice.

The addition of guest artists in the school community as an integral part of the curriculum would serve to expose and connect students to a wider range of activities and opportunities to enhance their artistic journey experiences. These opportunities would include workshops, clinics, and masterclasses for advanced students, as well as school-wide events and field trips, to further expose students to the artistic and creative process of professionals in activity.

Arts teachers would have a direct influence on the choice of expanded opportunities for their classes to ensure a link to the curriculum. Collaborations would also be planned for each guest artist to incorporate some of their work into academic courses, as part of their time at the academy.

Those wishing to help achieve the goal of the 2022-23 Visiting Artists Fund can donate by visiting People can also send a check to Maine Arts Academy – Visiting Artist Fund, 11 Goldenrod Lane, Sidney, ME 04330.

For more information, email Jeri Pitcher, Chair of the Faculty of Arts at Maine Arts Academy, at [email protected].

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