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Scott Frost of Nebraska dealt a low blow to Christian McCaffrey’s brother and Christian shared the proceeds


Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey will always stand up for his family honor, and Nebraska head football coach Scott Frost has learned it firsthand.

Frost coached Christian’s younger brother Luke for several seasons on the Cornhuskers. After the fourth-year Nebraska head coach pulled a veiled shot at his former quarterback, he watched an All-Pro running back hit back on social media.

Shortly after the 2020 college football season ended, Nebraska quarterback Luke McCaffrey entered the transfer portal. Although he had initially enrolled in Louisville, McCaffrey recently announced that he would play the 2021 season at Rice University, a long-running program at Conference USA.

Enter Scott Frost, who recruited and coached the talented Nebraska quarterback. According to Athleticism, Frost recently commented that players were getting “bad advice” on the transfer portal and mentioned a player who had left the Cornhuskers and was already planning to leave his second school.

This player, as one can quickly understand, is McCaffrey. And luckily for Luke, he has a brother with an education at Stanford and an excellent memory. In a tweet tagging Frost, Christian McCaffrey referred to the coach’s decision to transfer from Stanford to Nebraska while he was still an active player in the 1990s.

“PSA to all rookies: take note of how a coach treats his players once they are no longer useful to him,” Christian wrote.

Another brother, Max, is currently the North Colorado wide receivers coach. In its own Tweeter, Max Frost’s decision to transfer and suggested that the coach treat “all former and current players with RESPECT”.

Frost has the right idea but executed his thoughts extremely poorly

Few, if any, in the college football world will dispute that the transfer portal has its problems. Yet for every success story like Jalen Hurts leaving Alabama for Oklahoma, there are hundreds of players who got lost in the shuffle.

The problem isn’t that Frost shares his frustrations with the portal’s impact on graduation rates or forgery. He should never have chosen a particular player, even if he didn’t use McCaffrey’s name, to make his point.

Cornhuskers, like all other programs, use the portal to fill in the gaps and add talented players. For example, former Ohio State defensive back Tyreke Johnson, younger brother of Last chance u alum De’Andre Johnson, recently announced his intention to be transferred to Nebraska.

Did Johnson receive bad advice when he signed with Ohio State out of high school? And when he decided to join Frost’s program? All of the valid and intelligent arguments Frost made have lost their merit when he brought up McCaffrey’s own journey.

It’s also worth noting that McCaffrey never took a course in Louisville. He signed up in June 2021 and left before class started, so Frost’s worries about his former quarterback suffering academically because he “moves” really doesn’t matter.

Luke McCaffrey has the opportunity to do something special at Rice

With Frost and Nebraska in his rearview mirror, McCaffrey is ready to resume his college career at Rice.

McCaffrey, who is expected to compete for the Owls’ starting quarterback, completed 48 of his 76 passes for 466 yards, one touchdown and six interceptions in Nebraska in 2020. He also ran for 364 yards and three touchdowns for 5.6 yards. per race.

Rice went 2-3 in 2020 and hasn’t recorded a winning record since 2014. The Owls open their 2021 season against the Arkansas Razorbacks on Saturday, September 4. Rice also plays in Houston and Texas in a non-conference game.

As for Nebraska, the Cornhuskers open their 2021 season against Illinois on Saturday, August 28. Rice and Nebraska are not expected to play at any time during the 2021 season.

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