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May 26 bless your heart | Bless your heart


If menthol cigarettes are banned, does that mean that the town of Winston-Salem will be forced to change its name? How about “Just plain Winston?”

BYH to those people who are looking for more government documents asking for more free public spaces to park their oversized cars and trucks in Greenville. We already have enough places so that everyone can have four or five places for every metal toy paid by our taxes. Stop stealing subsidized public space and start paying your fair share

BYH, and remember, this summer a whole new group of kids will be on the road who graduated as a driver on a zoom call. Sleep well.

BYH, in the United States, is the only country that bases its education funding on property taxes, ensuring that the poorest children receive a poorer education, thus perpetuating poverty. It is a way for a veiled aristocratic system to keep power to itself. It won’t change until we change it.

BYH, and while you might not be everyone’s cup of tea, you don’t have to be. Tea has never apologized for not being coffee.

Bless our hearts, over 60 years we have kicked Christianity out of our schools and out of our public square and replaced it with the anti-Christian and critical White Suck theory and called it Separation of Church and Church. the state as prescribed by Thomas Jefferson. You can’t make it up.

BMH. When I was young and reckless, we had a saying, “You can’t outrun a radio.” It seems to me that would still apply. Don’t shoot anyone when you have help at hand!

I have seen a report that President Biden is abandoning student loan forgiveness from his economic plan. Student loans are made every day and borrowers think the debt will be canceled. Not exactly a sound banking theory. Paying off your debts is pretty much vital to our way of life. You can get forgiveness for your sins, but your debt to the bank is unlikely to be forgiven or forgotten.

BYH so Donald Trump is coming to Greenville. Where are all the Republicans posting this and cheering it on? Where are the press releases and local politicians who burn social media, proud of the arrival of their former president in their city? No press at the event? Why not a big rally like the last time? What could be happening in the world? Step out of the shadows of local Republican politicians. Standing man.

The restaurants offer a vaccinated dining area and an unvaccinated dining area. Which dining room receives decent service?

If you buy a gun today, will you get your money back if President Biden confiscates guns? I keep the receipt just in case.

BYH, marriage is like making pancakes. There is no shame in throwing the first one.


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