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Karnataka’s Order of Surya Namaskar Kicks Off | Bangalore News

BENGALURU: The Karnataka government circular to organize a week-long “Surya Namaskar” yoga exercise session starting Saturday in all pre-university schools and colleges has become controversial with several institutes accusing the government of attempting to Safranize school education and divide students. along municipal lines.
In accordance with the Centre’s directive, the state issued a circular on December 12 directing institutes to hold Surya Namaskar sessions during the morning assembly for 7 days and ensure maximum attendance.
The initiative is to train students and teachers for the mass session of Surya Namaskar on January 26, according to the circular.
The initiative, according to the circular, is to train students and teachers for the mass session of Surya Namaskar to be held across the country on January 26 to mark the Republic Day celebrations and the 75th anniversary of the ‘independence. The Center has planned a mega event in which 7.5 lakh people will participate in a musical performance of Surya Namasakar, an exercise that involves 12 yoga postures.
“It is a matter of national pride that students and teachers participate in the session, and we asked them to prepare for it. Sessions will begin January 1, ”Elementary and Secondary Education Minister BC Nagesh said.
The circular ordered only PU students to participate in the program, but the government then decided to include all schools in the session.
Education Commissioner Vishal R said he issued the circular on Friday asking schools to also hold Surya Namaskar sessions. “The schools are prepared and arrangements have been made to ensure that the sessions run smoothly,” he added.
The National Yogasana Sports Federation will supervise the sessions at educational institutions and provide training, as students are required to perform 13 Surya Namaskars per day.
The move has dismayed teachers and parents alike as it comes at a time when fear of Omicron is gripping the state and most of them are concerned about children’s educational prospects. A section of experts in the field said the BJP was continuing Hindutva’s program and saffron the education system.
“The BJP opposed a decision by Christian schools to sing lines from the Bible. Now he wants the students to sing Sanskrit hymns invoking the Sun God while doing Surya Namaskar. It is contrary to the fundamental principles of the Constitution ”, declared vice-president Niranjanaradhya, activist for education.
Nagesh justified the decision, saying that the sessions are introduced to improve the fitness of the students. Confusion over dress code MP Karabasappa, vice-chairman of Karnataka PU School Principals Association, said that principals of schools and colleges are in a dilemma over government order because they have no idea of ​​the student dress code. “The students will be in school uniforms during the assembly. We don’t know how they – especially girls – can interpret Surya Namaskar in school clothes, ”Karabasappa said.
Education commissioner Vishal R said school uniforms are suitable for the session. “The government will sort out all issues, including logistics and the dress code,” Vishal said.