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Jesus and Another Debt Cancellation Story (Part 3 of 3) | Jesus and Another Debt Cancellation Story (Part 3 of 3)

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What he does is praise the manager for his insight into using management accounts to create relationships he can fall back on when his current job ends.

What I glean from this story is a call to examine my priorities within our system as I imagine and work towards a different iteration of our world. What do I prioritize? Is wealth, creating more capital to create even more capital my priority? Or am I putting people first, using the current world and its resources to create relationships with others? Am I prioritizing relationships with people above the rules that capitalism keeps trying to program us as to how to play its game? If we do this, at the end of the day, we may earn less and our net worth may be less, but our investments in people and relationships will be greater or possibly developed in a different direction than ours. current capitalist system would have sent us.

I mentioned Biden’s modest student loan forgiveness program last week. For some parts of the country, Biden’s approval ratings have skyrocketed because he did exactly what we read about in this week’s story. In the story, a steward told people who owed money to cancel some of their debts to increase his favor with them, and the manager who did this was not morally reprimanded but praised as being wise .

The uproar among some Christians over Biden’s recent actions reminds me how much this story attributed to Jesus has troubled wealthy followers of Jesus from the start. But for those scratching a 1st century existence and the economically marginalized who made up most of Jesus’ first movement, this story must have resonated deeply. It was that demographic, like today, that badly wanted someone to step in and write off or just write off their debt.

I love that we have an example from our sacred Jesus stories that reflects what we see happening around us in our modern society here in the United States. It’s nice to see our US government doing something economically that I agree with, which is rare. I love the idea of ​​canceling the debt of people victimized by predatory lending for something as valuable as education. I would like everything to be forgiven! I want to live in a more educated society and support the use of some of our society’s wealth to create a more educated population. It encourages me that despite those Christian friends who resent this small amount of loan forgiveness, this week’s story tells us that this is exactly the kind of thing we should be fostering as disciples. of Jesus.

So which value system have we allowed to shape us the most: are we capitalists first or are we followers of Jesus first? Have we allowed the values ​​and ethics of the Jesus story that we hold so dear to shape the kind of people we are becoming, or have we allowed the value system of capitalism to shape the way we see the world.

These issues are much more than partisan politics. They help me question what I choose to shape the way I live.

What shapes you?