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If the Marriage Bill passes, who is really in danger? | Opinion


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In the September 8 Open Mic Letter “Marriage Bill Undermines Religious Liberty,” the author states that the passage of the Respect for Marriage Act (RFMA) “will almost inevitably lead to a government that threatens the right to religious freedom”.

What he didn’t say is that the two senators leading that bill, Tammy Baldwin D-Wisconsin, and Susan Collins, R-Maine, are working with Senate Republicans on an amendment to the bill to clarify that it “will not remove or alter protections of religious freedom or conscience,” as the senators wrote in an op-ed published by The Washington Post.

The author also notes “that the legislation limits marriage to two people”, then later adds that “the real danger is that RFMA does not define marriage”, as the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) did. DOMA has defined marriage as “the legal union of a man and a woman”. RFMA defines marriage as between “two persons” whose marriage is valid in the state or place where the marriage took place.

The writer also wonders why polyamorous relationships are denied the same rights given to gays and lesbians. The writer is perhaps disappointed that the LGBTQ+ community hasn’t offered other forms of marriage in the seven years since the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriages.

When it comes to polyamorous relationships, perhaps the author should be more concerned with the religious freedom of Mormons in polygamous marriages that are not legally recognized, than with Christians complaining about their “religious freedom” to discriminate against same sex couples looking for wedding cakes and such. the services will be threatened if the RFMA passes to the Senate.

Guillaume Butte,

Deerfield Beach

Total shame

The Miami-Dade School Board’s Sept. 7 vote against recognizing LGBTQ History Month is an abomination.

If we swapped out LGBTQ and replaced it with “African American” or “Hispanic Heritage” or “Irish-American” or “Women’s History,” is there any doubt that element would have crossed?

However, the toxin that Governor DeSantis released at the state level seeped into the school board.

Last year, he voted 7 to 1 to recognize October as LGBTQ History Month. Now, however, the board members have cowered and turned in the face of an unbalanced crowd, which included the Proud Boys, fueled by misinformation generated by social media.

Perhaps there is real merit in having a singular acknowledgment of American history (without the hyphen) that encompasses all groups, but the LGBTQ community has been isolated and targeted.

John Ise

Miami Coasts

The right to vote

Our nation has a day to commemorate our independence.

A day to commemorate George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, our two greatest presidents.

A day to commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr., our greatest civil rights leader.

A day to commemorate veterans who have served in our armed forces.

A day to commemorate those who died fighting for our freedoms.

However, we need a month to commemorate LGBTQ issues? How about making October RWM month – for reading, writing and math?

Too many children perform below their grade level. School resources must be devoted to traditional academic subjects. The teaching of cultural values ​​is the exclusive domain of parents and has no place in school curricula.

Ricardo Torres, Jr.


Forget Jesus

Listening to some of the public speakers at the September 7 school board meeting was awkward.

During the discussion of declaring October LBGTQ History Month, the hate spewed in the name of Christianity was saddening.

Immediately after a statement that “God and Christ have called us to love one another”, a wave of ugliness and disrespect ensued.

The speakers continued their tirades after being repeatedly reminded that their allotted time was up, defying the rules of civil conduct.

This public display of hostility and indiscipline runs counter to all familiar Christian values.

Christine Garcia,


Untie the schools

On September 8, 1964, the Prince Edward County public school system in Virginia reopened after five years as it attempted to prevent court-ordered integration.

As Floridians, we are starting to relive some of that under Governor Ron DeSantis.

He is determined to destroy our public school system by forcing his followers onto local school boards, banning books he and his base deem inappropriate, and single-handedly trying to suppress the curriculum, such as the history of slavery and LGBTQ rights of local communities and public schools. This is fascism at its worst.

The time has come for us to reject this dictatorial governor.

Seth Wexler,


Easy ticket

In the Herald’s Sept. 7 article, “How to find cheap gas near you — and options for getting around South Florida without a car,” the reporter didn’t mention that people seniors (those over 65) can get a Golden Passport from Miami-Dade Transit to ride Metrorail and Metrobus for free.

This is an often overlooked benefit of the half-cent sales tax increase. I often use Metrorail to get to places that would be a long bike ride from my home.

Eric Tullberg,

Palmetto Bay