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Idaho House Passes “Non-Discriminatory” Education Bill | Government and Politics


Backers said the bill was an anti-discrimination measure intended to set expectations for schools and universities in Idaho following an executive order by President Joe Biden released in January titled Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities. The administration followed earlier this week with proposed federal rules that some Idaho lawmakers see as a threat to the state because federal dollars are attached to the policy.

“We are now facing an extraordinary and rapidly changing federal takeover of the curriculum in our local public schools,” said Republican Wendy Horman, one of the sponsors of the bill.

Opponents of the measure said Idaho has already put in place protections against discrimination, and all the measure would do is stifle class discussions on difficult topics that will leave Idaho students behind. lack of knowledge and understanding.

Republican Lance Clow, chairman of the House education committee, backed the measure.

He said he was shocked Idaho didn’t put such a law in place decades ago as it grew up in the civil rights era “to make sure these kinds of problems don’t. arose in schools because I’m sure they were. “

“I’m sure,” he continued, “the minorities felt compelled to take certain beliefs and certain directions that now on the other side, you know, this white Anglo-Saxon Christian feels like, maybe things have changed, and maybe we should have recognized that there were problems in the past, and maybe we didn’t.


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