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Holland Christian Class creates staff gifts with newborn babies


HOLLAND – The staff at Holland Christian High School have welcomed a handful of new additions to the school family this year.

Six school staff have had children this year, including a set of twins.

As a new addition to the Holland Christian family this year, Woods teacher Michael Jacobs came up with a way to use classroom learning as a special gift.

His class of about two dozen students worked to build wooden rocking horses for each of the families in the building with newborn babies.

“I was looking for a good project to teach safety to students, how to use the tools,” Jacobs said. “Being a Christian school, a big part of our program is to love and serve others. I thought making rocking horses would be a good way to do it.

Jacobs said he built a rocking horse when his son was born 13 years ago and it was fun to share this experience with his students.

Although the project was booked as a surprise by staff members until the horses were completed, the students were excited to know who their horse would go to.

“The students were very invested,” said Jacobs. “They were really interested to know which teacher would get their horse. It added passion, excitement to them.

“The teachers flocked there so much with love and support, so the students were happy to have a way to give back.”

Holland Christian professor Michael Jacobs

First-year student Abinet Scholten called the project a “phenomenal experience”.

“We aimed to do something for our great teachers,” said Scholten. “It was really fun. It’s the least we can do for our teachers. They will enjoy it with their kids, for sure.

The project took the students about a month. They worked in groups, which was a great learning tool, Jacobs said.

“It’s also a big part of our job – collaboration, how to work together, how to work as a team,” he said. “The kids did a great job.”

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“Working in a group, figuring out how to do that, laughing through it was a lot of fun,” Scholten said. “I learned how to cut things on a table saw and sand, the process of it. Even more in-depth things like looking at the texture and grain of the wood. ”

Jacobs said the response from teachers has been great and rocking horses are already being used by those with older children as well.

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