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Full STEAM Ahead received a grant from Souris Valley United Way to expand its programming to after-school programs in Minot public schools. He also received funding from the Aggie Foundation which will help fund the purchase of new robots for his competitive teams.

Full STEAM Ahead is a nonprofit organization in Minot that formed in 2017. Full STEAM Ahead is an umbrella organization that fuses youth arts with science, technology, engineering, and math. Make a Scene Kid’s Theater, Minot Robotics, Minot 3-6-year-old T-ball, Minot Youth Kickball League, and Kid’s Clay all come under this umbrella.

Reporting from Souris Valley United Way, Allison Auch, executive director of Full STEAM Ahead, said there was a gap in student access to after-school programs due to a lack of transportation. With the help of funding from Souris Valley United Way, Full STEAM Ahead can expand its reach to more students in 11 schools in the Minot area and surrounding areas.

“This is the third year that we have received funding from Souris Valley United Way, which is great to help us continue to develop and grow our program. … It has been huge,” Auch said.

This partnership with Souris Valley United Way strongly supports Full STEAM Ahead’s new program, the after-school enrichment program, which allows these programs to receive programs in robotics, drama, pottery and other programs that Full STEAM Ahead has to offer in the schools themselves.

“We are bringing programs to schools one day a week for four weeks,” Auch said. “We are present in almost every elementary school within a 30-mile radius of Minot.”

Full STEAM Ahead plans to relaunch the after-school enrichment program in October with current schools on its roster and eventually with Minot public schools.

The Aggie Foundation donates $2,300 to Full STEAM Ahead. The donation will specifically help Full STEAM Ahead by providing robots for its robotics program in its competitions, both nationally and internationally.

“Trying to gather sponsors is sometimes difficult, so with a big donor [Aggie Foundation] like that, it makes it all possible for all our teams. Auch said. “Robots are used all year round, which is huge.”

The Aggie Foundation supports a wide range of local organizations in fulfilling their missions in North Dakota.

“Education must be continuously supported”, said Terry Peterson, Chairman of the Board of the Aggie Foundation. “We believe in what Allison and her team do at Full STEAM Ahead and are grateful to be able to donate to their cause for the community and to improve awareness.”

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