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Educational question in the link between science and faith. certificate

Science and faith. Trust and affinity. Few remember The Big Bang Theory Invented by a Belgian Jesuit Georges Edouard Lemaitre. The religious never used this expression which was rather invented by the scholars who ridiculed him for this intuition which rather turned out to be correct. And still today One of the most approved methods to study the universe. Paul VI in the apostolic exhortation “Evangelii nuntiandi” explained the meaning of the evangelization of the Church. And’ Bring good news in all strata of humanity. He, by his influence,Transformation from within, making humanity itself newThis is true for all cultures. The dimensions of humanity in search of salvation must be sought in all directions. With Creativity and Imagination. He must express himself “in appropriate languages ​​in all fields and The spaces in which humanity feels its painHis joys, his hopes.One night in 1572, a Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe He saw a light that looked like a very bright new star in a constellation Cassiopeia. In 1604, a second supernova appeared in the sky. These discoveries were made serious question Scientists have a theory Tulumeo. As a result, all stars are contained within a fixed field of the universe. In the diversity of cultures, he stresses, Pope Francesco, “in a Differentiate in time and placeWe can and must always seek and find the way to reach God and encounter Christ. Science and faith are not opposites. They are in fact allies to protect the common good. Leaving Lemaître and The relationship between science and faith, one of the teachings of Father Maurizio Botta who opened the book “This Christian Fool” (San Paulo Editions). “There’s no reason for it to exist The competition between reason and faith. one in the other. Everyone has their own space of perception,” as John Paul II wrote inthe post office “Faith and Reason”ScienceFather Botta also follows “Affair” Galileo And his condemnation, which has been much talked about. 20% of children are convinced that Galileo was burned alive. While 80% were tortured. Instead, he continued to reside in magnificent villas – as Father Botha claims – and was only forced to recite once a week. psalms of repentance“The Five Steps to Mystery” is one Christian education courses For young people and adults that has been taking place for ten years in the parish of Santa Maria in Valicilla, Los Angeles The new church From Rome. The meetings are chaired by Don Maurizio Botta, priest of the chapel of San Filippo Neri. with Precise and efficient styling. It is therefore the young people of the chapel themselves who introduce the subjects of reflection, who are the “hot ones”. Often those who They lead people away from the faith. ScienceFather Maurizio Botta addresses a range of topics that undermine some of the often superficial platitudes of our culture. Above all, The link between science and faith. The question of freedom and its limits. pedagogical question. The last chapter invites the reader to CV in your hands And in the heart is the connection with the Holy Spirit. The person of the Trinity who often tends to Leave it in the background. “The Bible does not tell us how heaven is but How are you in heaven?», Teaches Galileo Galilei. According to the Second Vatican Council, science and faith understand, each in its own way, One side of the same truth. That is why it offers the possibility of fully understanding creation. Science helps figure out how. and faith answer why.

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