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Education advocates call for more funding for schools in state budget ::


– Defenders of public schools spoke out in favor of increased funding for schools in the state budget on Saturday.

The North Carolina Association of Educators hosted an event calling on lawmakers to do more.

Advocates have said they want students to be a priority, instead of focusing on the elimination of corporate taxes by state lawmakers.

“Our lawmakers need to put our students first in the budget process – they haven’t developed a budget plan,” said Kristen Beller, chair of the Wake County chapter of the NCAE.

CNAE stressed that North Carolina schools need a nurse in every school, more school counselors, modern classrooms and more support staff.

“It’s up to the people of North Carolina to uphold and prioritize public schools, put our students first, and hold lawmakers accountable for funding our schools,” Beller said.

Franklin County kindergarten teacher Allison Griffin knows what she needs for her class right now.

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“We haven’t had any teacher assistants in the last 10 years,” Griffin said, “there have been 7,700 fewer teacher assistants in classrooms. The classes are different and they don’t. not get the face-to-face meeting they’re used to. “

At Saturday’s press conference, NCAE leaders pointed out that as the state legislature plans to eliminate income taxes for all corporations, teachers are taking second jobs during the year. school and some teaching assistants qualified for food stamps.

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“We need our lawmakers to step up their efforts, put our students first and stop digging holes,” Beller said.

Heads of state said in a statement this week that while they have yet to agree on the state budget, they plan to pass a budget that includes tax cuts later this week. summer.


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