School Funding

Eagles QB Jalen Hurts surprises young athletes at football game as Kellogg’s donates to Philadelphia School District

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A group of kids from Philadelphia got a big surprise at CBS Sports Gameday Experience. Students from the Philadelphia School District had no idea what awaited them at the Germantown Supersite on Sunday.

“Well, we had the opportunity to be sponsored by Frosted Flakes and a football player is coming along,” said 12-year-old Kayla Harrison.

Through Mission Tiger and CBS Gameday Experience, colleges in Philadelphia will receive funding for their football programs.

Angel Huesa, 13, says he is grateful to be part of one of the programs and to have received a helping hand.

“It’s amazing. It’s awesome. I never thought I would be here,” said Huesa, a soccer player from Francis Hopkins.

After the players practiced and drilled with Tony the Tiger, it was time for the big reveal.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts says the surprise of these young athletes reminds him of why he started playing in the first place.

“I know these things go a long way, so just being here and being able to make an impact and put a smile on their face and see them doing what they love, playing ball. It’s beautiful,” Hurts said.

After this big upset from Hurts, the kids took to the field in a flag football game. And after all the Sunday festivities, they can walk away with those brand new shirts they’re wearing.

Players from Francis Hopkins and Middle Years Alternative Schools clashed while Hurts offered some advice.

“No, I told him he looked like number 1 for the Eagles there,” Hurts said.

As sports programs continue to face funding challenges, Hurts hopes this donation can help keep Philadelphia kids on the field.

“These are kids with big dreams and they don’t really have the resources they need to pursue them,” Hurts said. “So donating with Frosted Flakes and I decided to donate, I hope it can make a change for them and be of great help to them, so that’s what it’s about. act in the end.”