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Deduction of 4 degrees as a sanction for non-compliance with school timetables


Government schools have instructed their students to respect the morning hours and not be late for the first lesson, in order to avoid being subjected to a 4-degree deduction from the student behavior list, stressing the The importance of wearing school uniforms in actual teaching or distance learning, emphasizing the adoption of positive behaviors, as well as the engagement of students in learning. remotely with their list of student behaviors.

Schools have confirmed that the code of conduct for students will go into effect from next week and will focus on phones, school uniforms, morning delays and hair extensions.

In turn, the Ministry of Education identified the places where school uniforms were sold and asked those who could not find the appropriate size to notify the Department of Student Affairs, so that the applications could be submitted to the concerned authority.

Schools have recently disseminated to their students a number of procedures which involve the deduction of a certain number of degrees of behavior in the event of violation of the regulation, to deal with violations of behavior in public schools and private schools which involve implemented the program of the Ministry of Education at the state level, the most important of which was the ban on bringing and using mobile phones inside schools. and classrooms or school parties, as well as disregarding the school uniform.

The regulation on the management of student behavior published for the 2021-2022 school year highlighted the ban on bringing a mobile phone and using it inside schools, classrooms or school parties, because this violation is classified as a serious violation of the third degree, and a student is deducted 12 degrees of behavior in In the event of such violation, in addition to informing the tutor, and if the violation is repeated, the student will be suspended from his studies and the competent authorities will be informed.

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