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Columbus Christian Academy finds new location after being forced off church property

COLUMBUS COUNTY, North Carolina (WWAY) – A Columbus County school forced out of its building after a church ended its association with it found new locations to hold classes, ahead of the start of a new school year.

Columbus Christian Academy received a letter from the Missionary Alliance church in May saying it had less than two weeks to end operations at its location on Warrior Trail. The school had been operating on site since 2013.

“It was definitely an unexpected decision, but you know when most growth comes at times in your life when things are unexpected and we just pray for good to happen, and we know it will.” , said Jennifer Noble, Columbus. Director of the Christian Academy.

The school has since found two new premises for the 2022-2023 school year, which begins in September.

« Our kindergarten up to 8 years olde will be at Smyrna Baptist Church, which is on Peacock Road in Whiteville, then our 9e up to 12e will be at 516 North Madison Street, which is the Whiteville Assembly of God Church, and that’s kind of funny, because that was where it was years ago when I was a student,” Noble said.

The church said that if a school staff member wanted to collect property from the Missionary Alliance church, they should make an appointment to do so.

“They actually chose to return some of the items to us. So we were able to get desks and lockers and a program and that kind of stuff, so that was a big help. We are very grateful for that. So we were also overwhelmed with the outpouring of support from the community. They made donations and the teachers posted wish lists, and as soon as they posted them, people received them, and it was very humbling,” Noble said.

The school currently has about 160 students and is changing the capacity limits of its classrooms in the new locations.