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Catholics in Saint-Charles stronger than before Hurricane Ida – L’Observateur

St. Charles Catholics stronger than before Hurricane Ida

Posted at 04:49 on Wednesday August 31st 2022

LAPLACE – This past year has been life changing for many members of the Comet family, with many students and faculty members experiencing significant damage to their homes. The community was called upon to take care of each other in the days following the storm and in the months that followed. Emptying houses, rebuilding, hosting friends, studying together, and more – the Comets were there for each other. And now, a year after that momentous day, the Comets are back and ready for a great school year.

Athletic Director Wayne Stein likes to say that it takes a village to make a champion, and in the same vein, we see every day at CSC that it takes a community to make a Christian. Since Hurricane Ida, our commitment to each other has grown stronger in many ways. Spirituality has always been a top priority at CSC, and this year we are proud to have two campus ministers attending prayer, worship, and faith formation for Comets. Together, these ministers will lead retreats, Thursday lunchtime chapel prayer services, engaging campus liturgies, faith-related field trips, and more!

The faculty responded to student needs, reinforcing curriculum and classroom techniques for an ever-improving learning environment. New interactive whiteboards, student devices and improved software have enabled all classes to fully engage with the technology capabilities offered by Apple School programs. We’ve hired additional Tech Team staff, helping teachers and students implement these new school technology features.

In addition to classroom improvements, SCC has implemented a counseling program, providing students with a 25-minute period twice a week during which they meet in groups with teacher mentors. During the year, students will participate in activities that promote community building, goal setting, social-emotional learning, character development, academic support, ACT readiness and college and career readiness.

In athletics, a new and highly developed training program is in full swing this year for all athletes, men and women. This program will allow for constant monitoring of growth and ability in conjunction with the on-campus Ochsner training program. Our newly renovated weight room allows more students to train together, motivating and supporting each other through every challenge.

It is a blessing to be part of such an active community and to help help heaven come here every day through our love for one another. To learn more about St. Charles Catholic High School, call 985-652-3809 or email [email protected]