School Funding

Addabbo bets on funding schools through mobile sports betting

Photo courtesy of Senator Addabbo

“We also need to invest in these schools, making them as attractive as possible to attract potential students,” Senator Addabbo said of trade schools.

By Michael V. Cusenza

State Sen. Joe Addabbo, Jr. (D-Howard Beach) recently noted that last month’s record launch of mobile sports betting in New York City meant heaps of money for public schools.

Before COVID impacted every aspect of life, the gaming industry was responsible for bringing in over $3 billion in education funding every year. With the advent of mobile sports betting and New York breaking a national record with $1.6 billion for a month wagered, that number is sure to grow and give schools even more funding, the senator noted.

“There are more funding streams going to the New York Department of Education than ever before. All of this money will do wonders for students across the state,” said Addabbo, chair of the Racing, Gaming and Betting Committee and member of the Education Committee. “However, it is not always the amount of money we have, but it is more important how that money is spent. We must ensure that programs that have worked continue to receive funding and seek to reassess things that aren’t working to their best potential.

Earlier this month, the state Legislature virtually met with education advocates from across New York State, including City Schools Chancellor David Banks, to discuss the education side of the Governor’s Executive Budget.

Photo courtesy of Michael Appleton/Mayor’s Photographic Office
The state legislature virtually met with education advocates from across New York state, including City Schools Chancellor David Banks (r.).

Last year, the state was able to secure more than $1 billion in additional Foundation Aid funding for NYC, as well as funding through the American Rescue Plan Act. Addabbo said he plans to continue that funding this year.

During the virtual meeting with the new Schools Chancellor, Addabbo was able to ask Banks a question about the additional investment in trade schools that will give students the opportunity to learn a skill that can translate into work after school. graduation.

“While traditional colleges and universities are the destination for many young students, many of them want to go to school to learn a business skill that can lead them to high-paying jobs,” Addabbo said. “We also need to invest in these schools, making them as attractive as possible to attract future students.”

Another topic discussed at the meeting was the extension of the mayor’s control. While Addabbo is in favor of extending town hall control, he wants to take this opportunity to review and improve it for students.

School safety measures were also discussed during the virtual meeting.

“As a parent of two girls in the public school system, I know the concerns parents have about sending their children to school,” Addabbo added.